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When you are facing ro water purifier issues in Jabalpur, contact nearest ro service center as ro service near me for fast and quick response without any delay, since we understand the role of ro water purifier in our day to day life. In the present year 2024 all the cities of India going through rapid industrialization and urbanization which cause major impact on quality of ground water or quality of surface water, lots of chemical waste release by different industries which make water contaminated not good for human health. Some parameter we using to check water is suitable for drinking or not, TDS is one of the parameter we are using to check water suitability for drinking water which measures in ppm.

       TDS of water in ppm                                                           Quality for drinking water

  • Below 50                                                                          Lack of minerals important mineral
  • Between 50-150                                                             Excellent for Human body
  • 150-240                                                                           Good for human body
  • 240-300                                                                           Fair for human body
  • Above 300                                                                       Cause health issues in Human body

To over come of this contaminated water, we are using water purifier which works on reverse osmosis mechanism to filter all the impurities of contaminated water and make it suitable for drinking water which is good for human body and we can stay healthy. Water purifier need service and maintenance at regular interval of time for its smooth working and good performance. When you are going for ro water purifier service you need to find nearest ro service by online searching ro repair service near me and approach them. You also need to aware about part of water purifier and when you need to take service, here are some guidance.

Filtration component of water purifier.                                         Electrical part of water purifier.

  • Membrane                                                                                             Smps
  • Carbon filter                                                                                   Pump or Motor
  • Sediment filter                                                                                     S.V Coil
  • Uf membrane                                                                                    UV chamber
  • Pre-filter

When we need to approach water purifier service centre for ro servicing.

  • Routine service need to take after every 4 months.
  • Sediment and carbon filter need to replace after every 6 months.
  • Membrane need to replace after every 12 months.
  • Electrical part need to change if gets damage or short circuit.
  • TDS need to set accordingly for good quality of drinking water.

Are you searching for ro service near me or water purifier service near me?

Do not worry, we are here to guide and help you for your ro water purifier service and repair. we are providing one stop solution for all problem occurs in water purifier, our tailor made ro service centre offers following services according to customer needs.

  • Water purifier service and repair
  • Water purifier installation and uninstallation
  • Water purifier filtration part change like sediment, carbon, membrane.
  • Water purifier electrical part change like sv coil, smps, pump.
  • TDS check and set according to customer need.
  • Annual maintenance contract for water purifier.

You can book water purifier service by calling @ 7880007124, customer support available 24*7 for you or you can find ro service near me through online search a list of ro service centre display you can choose best and nearest water purifier service centre and book your ro service request once your service request registered you get confirmation call from service team so you can fix service schedule with them. You need to focus and check on few points while taking service technician carry genuine part or not, Tds need to set properly.

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  • 24*7 customer support available.
  • Easy to register ro service request.
  • Service provide according to customer time schedule.
  • Genuine part used by our technician.
  • Same day service. 

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